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Keeping an Open Heart

We’ve all heard it to some degree before, someone, perhaps a friend or relative, talking about how life has hardened their heart, toughened them up, but do we wonder what they were like or might have been like if it wasn’t for being “toughened up”? Probably not too much different from what they are now, but how much are they missing out on by letting the actions of a few influence their interactions with so many more than that few? … Continue reading

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Underage Sex in Fiction

Yes, I can rightfully be called a hypocrite, but I’ll take it. But, is there another level of hypocrisy in being a sex writer, but having limits? I guess maybe in looking from the outside in, but sex writers like any other writer are going to have their beliefs, limits, and disagreements. I’m not writing this to point fingers at anybody, and it’s not specifically spurned on by anybody in particular as it is something I’ve considered adding as part … Continue reading

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How Guilt Harms Us

A middle-aged man feeling saddled with the responsibility of taking care of his mother in her later years as Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia continue to tighten their grip on her has made plans to take her to the doctor at the beginning of the following week. This Friday has been a better day for both of them, she being seemingly very healthy other than what he thinks are anxiety attacks, and being able to settle her usual paranoia he looks … Continue reading

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