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The Power of a Smile

Long days and nights on the road, 400 miles to one town, 450 miles to the next. Pavement passes in a dizzying hypnotic spell, the miles roll by with such repetitiveness that awareness of one’s whereabouts at times confused and tangled. Whether it’s the roads or the trees, buildings and especially sign posts, you’ve seen them all before, hundreds even thousands of times. Yet, ahead, as you pull into that driveway, your destination, and you see it; something you’ve seen … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper Comes Out

Years ago I watched a program called World News Now, an overnight news program on ABC networks which had some regular anchors, but most anchors were rotational, being that they would use them in this time slot when they did not have them in another news program, and it made sense as it gave them experience in a lighter toned presentation than is usual for the news, and gave viewers who worked or stayed up late some companionship in those … Continue reading

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