What is Dos Cleve?

A beer? A computer operating system?

Nope, none of the above. I am simply a writer, primarily of erotica.

I was born on July 8, 1964 at an army base in Virginia. My father was a career soldier and my mother was a nurse. Being the son of a soldier my early life was spent as an army brat as we moved around a lot. I was barely a few months old when we moved to a U.S. army base in Germany where we lived for near 3 years. Then back to the states where we lived in New Jersey, Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia where my father retired from the army after 20 years of service.

Both of my parents were originally from Kentucky. My father was the son of a dirt farmer and my mother the daughter of a coal miner. When my father retired from the army we moved back to Kentucky. Though we bounced around as my father looked for more permanent work, we eventually settled in the Central Kentucky area (Lexington area). From the age of 9 I have lived in Kentucky and basically consider myself a native of Kentucky.

As an army brat when you get asked the question “where are you from” you really don’t have an answer because you’re not really from anywhere. My six years of elementary school growing up were spent in five different elementary schools in three different states. You get use to the middle of the school year introductions as your new teacher says to the class “class, this is Dos” and the the class responds “hi Dos”.

The only answer I have as to where I am from is where I graduated high school, in Versailles, KY; and being Kentuckians we actually pronounce it Ver-sales instead of Ver-sigh. If you’re doing the math, I graduated from high school in 1982 to a collective sigh of relief coming from the building on that day.

I have spent a good chunk of my life in and out of sales and as a photographer doing portraiture, glamour and wedding photography. A lot of travel has been involved in the work I have done and I have logged over a million miles on the road traveling a good bit of the Eastern United States from as far north as Buffalo and south to Florida, and as far west as Nebraska.

Both of my parents are deceased and I have one sister who has a family of her own. I have no kids of my own and have never been married. I now spend my time writing erotica and articles for my own websites.