Anderson Cooper Comes Out

Years ago I watched a program called World News Now, an overnight news program on ABC networks which had some regular anchors, but most anchors were rotational, being that they would use them in this time slot when they did not have them in another news program, and it made sense as it gave them experience in a lighter toned presentation than is usual for the news, and gave viewers who worked or stayed up late some companionship in those wee hours of the morning.

Through those doors of World News Now passed many news anchors, some who would become staples in evening news and morning shows, and one such young man with chiseled good looks, a confidence in his voice, an impeccable character in his news reporting, a man who seemingly showed no fear in going places which would have made others nervous to get a story, a human interest story at that, and yes he had prematurely graying hair; this young man was Anderson Cooper.

It was obvious early on that not only did this man have an ability to communicate with an audience, with viewers, and on a level which made it feel like he was talking to you, like he was a friend, but he was also someone to keep an eye on; he was going somewhere, and of his own means, his own merits.

I remember when Anderson Cooper first graduated beyond being a news anchor for ABC and ABC put him as the host of a reality TV show; naturally being a part of World News Now, famous for the World News Now Polka and probably the only accordion playing reporter, and their tongue in cheek humor they often got away with being an overnight show, they had Anderson make an appearance on the show, being now a “big star”.

Anderson came through the doors of the studio, an entourage of rabid fans in tow (actually ABC News staff having fun), trying to get his autograph, telling him that they love him, one may have even gotten in that she wanted to have his baby, while he has to fight them off, then saunters across the studio like a big star; they all had fun that night.

Well, as of this morning, in a more restrained fashion than has been usual for someone of his celebrity, Anderson Cooper announced he is gay in an email he wrote to Andrew Sullivan which was posted on Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Beast.

You know what would be a wonderful day in this world? That would be the day that someone comes out announcing “I’m gay” as their friends look upon them and say “Oh, that’s so old school; what difference does it make?”

A progressive society evolves into something more than it was before. As a society we are not any different from the individual beast which evolves into something stronger and more capable of survival; at least we’re not suppose to be any different.

But we have those who would hang onto archaic outdated ideals which should have died generations ago. They hang onto things like racism, misogyny, and gay bashing. We just over the past decade has an infusion of corruption within our government as political and religious leaders banded together to attack the very spirit of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; rather than respecting the intent of protecting individual rights they wanted to infuse their bigotry into it and try to turn it into something sick and profane.

You will see me bring this up many time as an illustration, because it’s an important lesson I’ve learned from circumstance that not everybody is going to be in a position to have such an experience. I’ve traveled through many states of this country in my work, meeting hundreds of thousands of people, and in all that time I have never met the same person twice.

We are all different. We are not our differences, not defined by our differences, but made up of our differences. Where we differ are the things which make us learn and discover each other, not things which are to be looked down upon and used for hating people.

We as a people need to remind our political and religious leaders to get out  of the past, stop dragging their archaic ideals of bigotry like toy dogs behind them, and come into the present, or just get out period.

And to wrap things up, I would just like to same to whomever may be with Anderson as a steady or a partner that you are a lucky guy and have a real catch there.


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