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Dealing with the Blahs

Ever have one of those days: you’re keeping your mind on whatever you are doing and yet you just feel “blah”, like you have no desire, or even depressed, but you’re not thinking about anything bad or depressing? We all have those days at one point or another and a particular day for me which had me questioning why was one Christmas when I just could not motivate myself to do anything, was truly in a “blah” mood but not … Continue reading

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The Incredible Human Spirit

People are born to all conditions, to all wrappings. A child may go to sleep on nothing more than a piece of cardboard while one has the luxury of a fine bed. Seemingly different from the outside, even without the basic similarities of flesh and blood, these children are not that different as in each is the capacity for survival, endurance, and the ability to hold something or someone within their hearts. Fast forward 30 some odd years in a … Continue reading

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