The Incredible Human Spirit

People are born to all conditions, to all wrappings. A child may go to sleep on nothing more than a piece of cardboard while one has the luxury of a fine bed. Seemingly different from the outside, even without the basic similarities of flesh and blood, these children are not that different as in each is the capacity for survival, endurance, and the ability to hold something or someone within their hearts.

Fast forward 30 some odd years in a life, and a man of average means through his life now seeks a night of sleep with but a blanket below him to cushion the bones against the hard surface below and but a sheet and a jacket to quell the shiver from the cold air above; it’s not by choice, it’s all he has.

He closes his eyes upon the the day which has expired, one of hunger and cold and pain, and when he opens his eyes again, there won’t be a meal or a blanket or anything that he didn’t already have, with the one exception there will be a new day, a day to walk and see and smell, and hope.

Each one of those days comes with its own pains, and each an opportunity to inch forward. One day might knock him back, but the next is an opportunity to regain ground.

We have thought at different times that the tragedy which befalls another is something we could not possibly survive. People of any walk in life, of any place in life, are not built for any specific tragedy or any specific luxury, but that which befalls us at any time in our lives, as humans, constantly confirms the drive of the human spirit to survive and the capacity to adapt.

It’s not a matter of somebody being stronger due to situation. Yes, we are all tested in different ways. There are stories of the most privileged among us finding themselves in a situation where day by day and even hour by hour survival is a necessity, and coming through it.

And of course there are those who face overwhelming situations on a daily basis and come through them.

People in all walks of life have several things in common, whether privileged or overwhelmed. One of those things we share in common is an amazing ability to survive, to sustain to overcome.

That human spirit which stacked bricks and steel girders to reach to the sky, dived the depths of the ocean where we weren’t meant to tread, lifted off into space to set foot on a moon previously only the object of mystery and legend, and which closed its eyes against the cold air and hard surface, is a spirit which has forged us forward as a people and overcome as individuals and is a part of every one of us.

What will you do with your human spirit today?

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