What is Now, What is Next

Welcome to my Blog!

This blog serves as an adjunct to my website, Pressing Flesh, plus it is a place for me just to write stuff down that is not a story for the fiction site or doesn’t fit anywhere else like on my Facebook or Twitter pages.


What is Now?

Pressing Flesh has been up for a few weeks now. I have published several stories to the site, and of course will continue to publish stories; I am thinking about two stories a week would be ideal as it will provide fresh stories for you to read without trying to set unrealistic goals, falling behind, then leaving you dissatisfied.


What is Next?

As with any author, I am working on longer stories, novella to novel length, and will be making those available as ebooks for purchase.

Additionally I’m working on some other sites including a site dedicated to stories under 1000 words aimed at mobile users who may the longer stories a bit tedious for reading on mobile devices.

One particular interest of mine has been erotic horror, and as a young boy Hammer Studios movies were the bomb, and those big breasted women in them were goddesses. Well my erotic fiction is influenced by such movies as the Hammer movie, and other horror movies, but I’ll be taking the stories places we wished the movies would go.


Hope you enjoy the stories on Pressing Flesh and I’ll keep them coming.


Thank You



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